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Vantec Europe of Sunderland has taken delivery of four 6x2 push-axle Volvo FM13 450 tractor units sourced through the Volvo Used Truck Centre (Economy) in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

All four feature the innovative and fuel-saving Volvo I-Shift 12-speed automated gearbox and are equipped with Globetrotter cabs and Parrot hands free phone kits. Power comes from 11-litre Volvo D11C engines producing 450hp and up to 2,150Nm of torque.

Transport Manager, Neil Whatley says: “These are Vantec Europe’s first Volvo trucks, but based on our experience to-date, I would absolutely consider further Volvo Trucks in the future. Indeed, I presently have several quotes on my desk from Ryan Howey at the Volvo Used Truck Centre (Economy) in Washington, which I’m looking forward to reviewing.”

Although the Volvo FM13 tractor units may have been purchased from Washington, they are now based and working in West Sussex.

“While Volvo Truck and Bus in Washington helped us find these trucks it is MC Truck and Bus in Portsmouth that’s now looking after them,” explains Neil. “We have a 12-month R&M contract with the option to renew that covers routine maintenance, MOT preparation and our regular safety inspections for the four trucks as well as our trailers and a 7.5 tonne curtainside that’s also on site. Thus far, the team at MC Truck and Bus has looked after us really well.”

Volvo Economy used trucks all undergo safety inspections prior to sale. Any safety defects are rectified and each truck is delivered with a current MOT. Each Volvo Economy used truck also receives a professional valet before delivery.

“The Volvo Economy option ideally matched our needs,” says Neil. “The trucks are all fairly high mileage having previously been utilised by a supermarket chain, but the flip side of this coin is that we know they’ve been well maintained. The mileage that they’ll be covering from here-on-in is negligible as the warehouse and production facility are less than 10-miles apart. Ultimately, with the Volvo Economy option we have secured four premium trucks that benefit from excellent build quality, have been well maintained and are both reliable and driver oriented.”

The importance of the last point cannot be overestimated by Neil. “The smaller cab of the Volvo FM over the FH and the fact it is lower to the ground makes it safer for entry and egress,” he says. “We wanted urban type vehicles over long distance transport as our drivers will be in and out a lot during their working shift and health and safety is extremely important to both us and our clients.”

While the Volvo FM13 tractor units are the first trucks to bear the Volvo Ironmark at Vantec Europe, Neil has dealt with Volvo on numerous occasions in the past. “The build quality is very good,” he says, “and I know from experience the reliability will meet our needs. I would add that Volvo fuel efficiency also contributed when it came to choosing these vehicles.

“All told, the benefits of the package we have with Washington and Portsmouth means Volvo Used Truck Centres (Economy) was a step above the competition,” he says.

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