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To mark the 30th Anniversary of the launch of the Volvo FL10, Commercial Motor have used a restored example to retrace their traditional three-day Scottish Route.

"Built in 1988, this FL10 is believed to be the seventh-from-last production truck to be build in Irvine. It was operated from new by a dairly company in Scotland, where it had a relatively easy life, at least in terms of mileage, covering just 260,000km.

In 2013, it was bought by Lancashire haulier Stuart Nicol Transport to be used as an inter-depot shunter, and received a minor refirbishment. However, when Volvo, which had been looking for a suitable truck to restore, made Stuart Nicol an offer, he accepted on condition he gets first refusal if it's ever sold again.

The major part of the restoration was the paintwork. The cab and chassis were shot blasted, revealing some minor rust holes near the cab heater vent and the roof spoiler mounting points, before being re-assembled with nrew cosmetic items such as badges. Mechanically, the biggest jobs needed were a new exhaust and a cab tilt ram.

Apart from a good clean, the main task inside was to replace the engine cover mat. Eventually, one was found in a breakers yeard in the North East, which looks new affter a good steam clean.

Volvo has given up on finding a replacement seat, so the scruffy one is about to be re-covered to complete the makeover. There is also  matching set of curtains on order."

You can read the rest of this article and find out about the three day Scottish road test in the 21st January 2016 edition of Commercial Motor.

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