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Oldbury, West Midlands-based RAP Transport is presently a small operation, but their good experience with their latest acquisition from the Volvo Used Trucks Centre at Coventry has given them the confidence to expand.

Chosen from the Economy range, the 62-plate FH13 6x2 went into service with the company in July last year and is already showing its worth. The combination of a 500hp D13C Euro-5 engine and I-Shift automated transmission is giving RAP the reliability and fuel economy it needs.

“The Volvo FH13-500 is really good; we're pleased with it,” says RAP Transport Director Baljit Purewal. “We chose Volvo because that's what my partner and I drove at our last large company and we liked them.”

At the moment RAP Transport is running two tractor units on a mixture of container work and general haulage and the Volvo is definitely coming out top. “It's good, comfortable and it's got everything there we need,” Baljit explains.

He and his partner drive the vehicles for much of the time, but they also use employed drivers, so it's important they have the right equipment to be able to do their job. The latter factor will be even more of a consideration soon.

“We'll be applying to expand our operation next month, the longer term plan being to take the fleet up to around eight to ten vehicles,” Baljit declares adding, “Growing both the container and general haulage sides of the business.”

He intends to buy all his future vehicles through Volvo, not least because of the back up from Volvo Economy Centre Manager, Steven Worts and his team have provided to RAP Transport.

“When we first bought the truck, it had a minor problem. The dealer was really good and sorted out things quickly to get it back on the road. That is something really important for a small haulage operation like ours,” Baljit says concluding, “overall we're happy with Volvo and we like driving Volvo.”

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